Start your Day with English Breakfast Tea

Imagine this: You wake up. The first ray of sunlight falls through your window. A new day begins. Many morning rituals can brighten up the start of your day. One of them that is very common around the globe is drinking this exceptional type of tea: English Breakfast Tea. Its malty flavor and natural caffeine make it a delightful choice at the breakfast table. Explore this popular morning tea with us together.

What is English Breakfast Tea?

English Breakfast Tea is a black tea blend with an intense, malty taste. Several black teas, usually harvested in different growing regions, are blended in this delightful tea. There is no single correct recipe for this blend: in the end, the strong aroma counts. English Breakfast Tea is typically made of Assam tea and Ceylon tea. As their names suggest, these black teas come from the Assam region of India and Sri Lanka, formerly known as "Ceylon" under British rule. Today, you can also find black tea varieties from China or Kenya in this popular breakfast tea. Robust, malty aromas are combined with multi-layered citrus and honey notes, offering an irresistible taste experience! Many tea fans love the delicious aromas and the natural caffeine content to make their day!

Frau mit Teetasse

The History Behind the Popular Morning Tea 

English Breakfast Tea has a long tradition and often accompanies a classic English breakfast. But tea lovers around the globe appreciate this tea as a welcoming beverage in their morning routine. Where does this popular black tea blend have its origins? We have a look behind the scenes of its history!

The Origins of the Tea 

The exact origin of English Breakfast Tea is not clear. One theory tells that the first “Breakfast Tea” blend was made around 1843 from Chinese black teas, even though it was not in England, but in Scotland. This black tea quickly gained popularity.  

When British tea merchant Richard Davies emigrated to New York right after to fulfill his dream of opening a tea shop, he decided to sell a similar black tea blend to the one so beloved in his country. He gave it the now well-known name “English Breakfast Tea.” His business became a great success as people quickly began to like this blend - the start of a worldwide contribution spread across the globe.

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Evolution & Popularity of English Breakfast Tea  

Around the same time in the 1840s, tea became a beloved everyday beverage and more accessible to all social classes in Victorian Great Britain. During this time, the Duchess of Bedford, Anna, introduced the tradition of Afternoon Tea.  

Today, English Breakfast Tea enjoys great popularity in many parts of the world. And despite its name – this tea is not only enjoyed at breakfast! In the late afternoon, many Brits take a break to enjoy hearty and sweet treats and a cup of tea together. The preferred choice is often black tea, typically English Breakfast Tea or Earl Grey. This teatime tradition is a part of British culture that also finds appreciation in other countries today. No wonder – this tea tradition invites people to come together and enjoy. And this is what we love about tea!  

Tea Culture in the Morning

You do not need fine china to celebrate British tea culture at home. When was the last time you enjoyed a hearty English breakfast with a strong Breakfast Tea? This combination speaks for itself for a good reason! If bacon, beans, and toast do not excite you, other breakfast options pair wonderfully with English Breakfast Tea. Do you prefer cereal in the morning? Then you should try our exceptional breakfast tea HUNKY DORY BREAKFAST N°721. In this intense black tea blend, delicious notes of granola and caramel come together.

Schwarztee in Kanne und Tassen auf Tablett

Popularity Around the Globe 

Not only in Great Britain, but tea drinkers everywhere are enthusiastic about English Breakfast Tea. After all, black tea and green tea are the most popular types of tea worldwide. Like all teas, they are meticulously cultivated, harvested, and crafted following ancient tea traditions. 

The belief that the British are the fondest black tea enthusiasts is a myth. Did you know that people in German East Frisia drink the most black tea? They are followed by Ireland, while the United Kingdom comes in third place.  

Its distinctive, strong flavor, rich cultural traditions, and versatile preparation make English Breakfast Tea an indispensable classic for many tea lovers. Even mini tea caddies shaped like telephone booths are sold as fun souvenirs.  

How to Prepare English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea is very versatile and can be prepared in a few minutes. You can refine it to your liking and thus give your breakfast or afternoon snack the perfect finishing touch


The Perfect Cup of Morning Tea 

Grab your favorite cup and the English Breakfast Tea of your choice. For our TIP OF THE MORNING N°518, you need about two teaspoons for 250ml. Experimenting with the amount of tea leaves is, however, expressly encouraged! Of course, you can always find the exact brewing instructions online on the product page or the packaging.  

We recommend always using filtered water for preparing tea. The brewing temperature for black tea should be around 90°C. Depending on your taste, let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes. The longer you let the tea leaves steep, the stronger your cup will be.  

The highly oxidized dark tea leaves of English Breakfast Tea turn the infusion into a wonderfully dark red color. Therefore, black tea is also called red tea in China.  

Variations in Preparation 

Traditionally, English Breakfast Tea is drunk with a splash of milk. If you prefer it sweet, you can add sugar. Alternatively, drink it with lemon or simply pure   

By the way: Milk or tea first? Opinions differ on this point of preparation. Some firmly believe that the only way to prepare the perfect cup of tea the English way is to pour the milk into the cup first. This practice dates to old times when fine china would crack from too hot temperatures. Today, you generally do not have to worry about that anymore, especially not with our borosilicate glass or porcelain teapots 

Gestapelte Teedosen und loser Schwarztee in Regal

Want To Try It? 

Whether in the morning or the afternoon, the famous black tea blend is a culinary revelation and always a faithful companion by your side. Our black tea blend TIP OF THE MORNING N°518 follows the tradition of the English morning ritual and lets you start the day perfectly with its malty and subtle honey notes. We love its versatile preparation; therefore we can get creative! The first cup of the day can be particularly intense, maybe with a splash of lemon. The second infusion can be creamy and refined with milk, making our favorite drink a sweet dessert after a hearty breakfast. Or would you like it the other way around? What does your perfect morning look like?