Day of the tea - Our tea philosophy

Sometimes, when a gentle breeze wafts and life appears to be a little busy, we find ourselves longing for an inner embrace. In those moments, a cup of tea becomes our faithful companion, gently smoothing the stirred thoughts and granting a piece of serenity. The rising steam, the tranquility in the cup – tea is not just a mindful indulgence but an invitation to linger and let the soul unwind. Join us in celebrating Tea Day and peek behind the scenes of our tea philosophy!

At PAPER & TEA, we nurture a precious piece of tradition spanning centuries. The art of tea preparation is more than a craft; it's an essential philosophy reflected in all our products. We cherish the gentle ritual that leads us to special moments, especially in the community. Our diverse range emphasizes variety and quality, ensuring even the little ones and parents-to-be find their perfect match with our Family Teas and surprise taste buds with our unique tea infused chocolate.

Tea connects people, creates shared memories, and makes life simply beautiful. We want to share this beauty of life with you. To integrate this philosophy of enjoyment into your daily life, let's together immerse into the mindful world of Matcha.

Matcha Genuss


An intriguing aspect of the long tea tradition is the preparation of Matcha, seamlessly combining a positive impact, mindful ritual, and daily routine. Its vibrant green color symbolizes not only liveliness and vitality, but the powdered green tea also impresses us with its distinctive taste – creamy texture, sweet notes, and a subtle hint of bitterness. Whether enjoyed pure or with frothed milk, it's a perfect beverage for a successful start to the day or a delightful afternoon treat.

Matcha Zubereitung

Here's how to prepare your Matcha! Use your CHASHAKU BLONDE to sift two portions of SHINTO MATCHA N°320 through the MATCHA STRAINER for an exceptionally velvety result. Catch the sifted powder in your SAISHO BOWL where you'll pour about 60ml of water at 60-70°C. Grab your CHASEN BLONDE now and whisk your Matcha into a frothy delight with M-shaped motions.

Feeling intrigued to embark on a journey into the world of Matcha? Our Matcha collection has everything for your mindful ceremony—an invitation to savor conscious enjoyment.

Matcha Geschenkset

And if you're searching for a wonderful gift, our MATCHA STARTER KIT or MATCHA ABSOLUTE BEGINNER SET is the perfect choice for those who want to gift a delightful break in the form of a loving surprise.