PAPER & TEA goes Wien

On November 10, we opened our first PAPER & TEA Store outside of Germany: in beautiful Vienna, Austria. Right in the city center – surrounded by the Hotel Sacher, as well as the Vienna State Opera, and at the entrance to the famous Kärntner Straße – we now invite everyone to dive into the inspiring world of tea with all their senses in our new store, located at Walfischgasse 1.

On 2 floors, we want to enrich people's lives on site and take them on a journey of discovery. The heart of the store is our tea bar with a specially developed Nitro Brewing System, which is highlighted by the installation of a real tree (4.8 m high). Here, like-minded people can meet, exchange ideas and linger over a cup of tea or a refreshing cold brew. On the upper level is our Serenity Room, which can be used as an event space and booked by individuals and companies for tea tastings, tea talks, and much more. The opening was already the first of many more marvelous experiences. On the first day, we could get to know our new neighborhood personally and exchange ideas. Everyone learned more about us and our product universe and could take their favorite items home. Whether it was a lovely advent calendar or our specially created tea blends, the Master Blends, that were part of our diverse opening offers.
On Friday
, we went straight on with the very first Tea Time Session in Vienna. Singer and songwriter Florence Arman took us into her very personal musical world with her unique voice, unfiltered emotions, and intimate lyrics.
We could not have wished for a better start in Vienna. Thank you to everyone who made this opening so special. We are looking forward to many more unique experiences and moments in Vienna. Visit us at any time. Let us inspire you. And let our Vienna Store Manager Ferman and his team take you on a delicious tea journey.

Store Opening in Vienna 10th of November 2022